LIS 2017 Diwali Party

Like each year, the tickets to the Diwali party sold out weeks ahead of the event. And like every year, the organisers worked tirelessly behind the scene to ensure a smooth and seamless operation. Judging from the positive feedback received from the attendees, their effort paid off in a big way.  Therefore, it’s only fitting that we thank:


  • The Decorating Committee for making the hall look more festive and beautiful than it’s ever been
  • The Catering Committee for ensuring we dined well that night
  • The Entertainment Committee for yet another superb programme and for their encouragement and support for the performers
  • The Housekeeping Committee for ensuring quick and efficient cleanup during and after the party
  • The Performers for working very hard with pratice, rehearsals and costumes prior to the event
  • The LIS President, Vice President, Secretary and all the others (committee members or otherwise) that directly or indirectly helped with the event