The LIS Diwali Mela 2018

We hope that you had just as good a time at the LIS Diwali Mela as we did. Before we stow away the wonderful memories of this year and begin to look ahead to the next year, we’d like to say a few things:

First and foremost, a big thanks to:

  • You, for your enthusiastic support of the event, your kind words and for taking the trouble to write to us with your rave reviews
  • Our generous sponsors for the evening: Lincoln Minster SchoolDuncan & Toplis Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers and the Eleanor Glanville Centre at the University of Lincoln
  • Our volunteers*: The 21 members of the LIS Executive Committee had plenty of help from the many volunteers who generously lent their time and talent to ensure that everything went as smoothly as possible. [*Our heartfelt gratitude to: Mallika for designing the posters, menu & programme for the evening; Manisha, Sweta N., Caroline, Sarika, Jagruthi, Rama M., Rupa, Sarita & Minesh for their help with the decorations; Charu S., Caroline, Betty, Nami K, Keerthi, Madhu, Tanmayi, Ashima, Garima, Sarala B., Pranav, Eshan, Savita, Ishita for being on the welcome team and to Manish & Savita Verma for lending us the space in their garage for all the LIS paraphernalia. Any inadvertent omission of names is deeply regretted]
  • Our talented performers who practised for weeks on end to put on a fantastic show for the Entertainment show. Thanks also to their families, who not only lent their support but also convincingly pretended not to care about the torture of the same tunes being played over and over again.

Secondly, a little bit more about our decision to move the celebrations to the Epic Centre:

In the past, we’ve had to restrict the number of attendees to 250 due to the capacity of the village hall where we had our Diwali celebrations. The demand for tickets has been on the rise with each passing year and so, when this demand invariably exceeded supply, we sadly had no option but to turn down many requests for tickets.
Also, one of the objectives of LIS has been to integrate our community better with the wider community. Thus far, our biggest event of the year has been chiefly confined to our community and we thought it was about time that we changed this.

It was heartening to see what a perfect choice the Epic Centre was and what a fantastic job The Lincolnite’s photographer Steve Smailes did of capturing the spirit of the evening!

And just when we felt that we were biased in thinking that every aspect of the evening – be it decorations, food, entertainment or ambience – was a major hit, we heard from many, many of you confirming that we weren’t. Thank you for taking the time to write to us with so much praise – it definitely makes all the hard work behind the scenes worthwhile. And we are simply thrilled that many of you are already asking about the tickets to the next year’s event.

To quote some of your emails & messages:

“Thank you very much for such an enjoyable evening yesterday. There were very talented performers and the food was amazing. A lot of hard work had obviously gone into putting on such a great event and I congratulate you all for this. I hope we are able to come again next year.”

“The Diwali celebration was an incredible success. Kudos to the Exec Committee and other volunteers. Enjoyed every minute.

” [We] have not enjoyed a social event as much as this, for a long time. Not only were we made to feel incredibly welcome and included, but the entertainment, food and conversations were absolutely EPIC!! Speaking of which, the Epic Centre is huge and can be very impersonal and many events which I have attended – including our own – have struggled to create an atmosphere. I have to say that on Saturday, it exuded atmosphere and that was down to the people there. It is humbling to witness, at first hand, true ‘community’.Thank you once again and we hope that we may be privileged to have the opportunity to be part of this again in the future.”

I just wanted to say what a truly lovely evening we all had. I loved every aspect of the evening but particularly the entertainment – such wonderful talent in our small county never ceases to amaze me. We were made to feel very welcome by everyone we spoke with.”